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Membership Requirements

Requirements for Application for Membership within the Chamber of Asia Mergers & Acquisitions Registry Database

As the Authority confirms and aids in the registration and regulation of fiduciary agents and trading companies dealing with high value Mergers and Acquisitions, Cross-continent Escrow Services, Property and Asset takeovers, etc. in the most important markets in Asia, membership within the Chamber of Asia Mergers and Acquisitions is very limited due to the entry requirements for constituency.

We recommend that any submissions for application for membership begin with a letter of request from the company director(s) and a summarised history of the company. Confirmation of company status is required (in your country’s documents language and also, importantly, translated accurately to international English. Due diligence and status checks will be performed before the application for membership is approved or declined.

All requests for review of potential membership must include:

  • A brief summary of the company’s operative business history;
  • A full description of your current company status and registration in your company’s nation, including the bodies which are responsible for Registration;
  • A translation of the primary legislation of that country into accurate English;
  • A letter of recommendation from a current member.
  • Other documents and verification may also be requested.

Please note registration and due diligence carry a fee of 77,275.00 New Taiwan Dollars / TWD (approximately $19,560 HKD or $2,500 USD or €2,250 EUR or £2,025 GBP).

When you are ready to apply, please fill in the Membership Application Request Form and we will send you the full submission pack which you will need to fill in fully and return to us by registered post.

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