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For APTP Companies

Information for companies based within the Asia Pacific Trade Pact territories and your application to the Chamber of Asia Mergers & Acquisitions registry and database.

If you are a registered and regulated financial company based in the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement territories but you are dealing with any asset trading outside of the the agreement zone, you are now required to register at the appropriate registries to confirm your validity for international financial activities and exchanges. The Chamber of Asia Mergers & Acquisitions is the assigned body for fiduciary executors, high value purchase or sale coordinators, financial agents or brokers, insurance providers, and any other such financial service providers.

To join the Chamber of Asia Mergers & Acquisitions registry as a confirmed financial entity for legal and validated global market access, please use the application form on our website or write to us directly stating your company registration information and a copy of the relevant company director identification (national passport, company CCR document, APTP confirmation, etc.), and we will send you the full application pack and forms which must then be fully filled, signed by all company directors, and returned back to us by registered post.

We will provide full legal assistance as stated by law to all companies on the registry in terms of gateway communication assistance for international vendors in accordance with all current global data privacy regulations.

As a verified member of the registry at the Chamber of Asia Mergers & Acquisitions, you will receive access to the registry database to instantly check the status of fellow registry members and any information which is available as allowed by legal requirements to any other registry members to aid in speeding up international processes.

Please visit the Membership Requirements before application, and contact us if you have any pre-application queries or if you require more specific information.

If you are ready to submit your application, please use this form to request the aforementioned application pack.

We thoroughly look forward to see you join our growing and trusted network.

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